5 signs you’re ready to be a lead developer

As a developer, it can be exciting to think about taking on a leadership role and guiding a team to success. But before you take on the responsibility of leading others, it’s important to make sure you’re ready for the challenge.

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To help you get more information more about key differences between being a lead developer and a senior engineer, we have already written a blog post about this topic called Tech lead vs Senior engineer: How to transition from an engineer to a lead where you can read up in more detail if you want. There you can find exactly what is expected from you regardless of which position you currently have. In this article however, we came up with some of the key signs that you may be ready to take on a leading role as a developer if you are thinking about becoming a lead developer:

You have a strong understanding of the technology and languages you’re working with

As a leader, you’ll be expected to have a deep understanding of the tools and techniques you’re using. This means you should be able to answer questions and provide guidance to your team. And usually without much time to dig into research. 

You have experience working on a team

Leading a team effectively requires more than just technical expertise; it also requires the ability to work well with others. If you’ve had experience collaborating with other developers on a project, you may be ready to take on a leadership role. However, be aware that the collaboration part will become a bigger part of your role. So you should feel comfortable spending more time doing these things than actually programming. 

You have a track record of successfully delivering projects

As a leader, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that your team’s projects are completed on time and to a high standard. If you have a history of delivering successful projects, it’s a good sign that you’re ready to take on a leadership role and that you can teach others the necessary skills to replicate those successes. 

You have strong communication skills

Effective communication is essential for any leader. As a developer, you’ll need to be able to clearly explain technical concepts to team members who may not have the same level of expertise. If you’re comfortable communicating with others and have the ability to explain complex ideas clearly, you may be ready to take on a leading role.

You’re comfortable making decisions and taking responsibility

As a leader, you’ll be responsible for making important decisions that will impact your team and the success of the project. Lots of these decisions might define the direction of where your company is headed. So make sure you know what you should know. And have people around you to support you in the areas where you might still miss the depth of your knowledge. 

Becoming a lead developer

Overall, being ready to take on a leading role as a developer involves more than just technical expertise. It also requires strong communication skills, experience working on a team, and the ability to make decisions and take responsibility.

If you have these qualities, you may be ready to take on the challenge of leading a team to success.

The road will be bumpy but most probably also exciting and worth the challenge. So let’s go! Check out open positions at Careers page and start this new chapter in your career with Holycode!

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