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Online reservation system for Swiss SMEs

Localsearch helps to make Swiss SMEs successful in the digital world. As a company with its roots in the printed telephone book, they have now become the established partner for Swiss SMEs in all matters digital.

Their innovative solutions help their clients professionally present and establish their business and their products and services on the digital marketplace. In this way, the customers will find, view, book, buy and like what the Clients have to offer.

Marketplace & Ecommerce
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Nearshore software development
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3 years of collaboration
17 Team members at Holycode
400k SMEs customers


Localsearch initiated a collaboration with Holycode to address the need for JavaScript experts in both backend and frontend development. Their task was to refactor the existing project, transitioning it from outdated technologies and approaches to more modern ones.

Following this success, a similar challenge emerged on the platform, requiring enhancements in the mobile segments. Additionally, there was a need to revamp the existing myLocalina, a significant project within the company, which serves as an online reservation system.

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A highly efficient and skilled team was swiftly assembled in 2 months, consisting of three top senior full-stack experts. They worked closely with the existing Ruby developers, imparting their knowledge of Node.js and ensuring a seamless transition to modernised practices for the project.

Moreover, the myLocalina project was successfully deployed in production a few months ago. Through the guidance of Holycode’s team and the collaboration with the Localsearch team, the challenge was overcome, and the first version of a modernized MyLocalina project was established, expertly developed using Java and React.

Cedric Wider

Senior Software Engineer at Localsearch

Holycode was a valuable addition to our development process when we required a significant improvement. With three teams dedicated to various projects at Localsearch for over three years, we can confidently state that choosing Holycode was a positive decision that enhanced our existing development.
Cedric Wider

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