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MOVU is the biggest moving platform in Switzerland. The online platform for moving and removal cleaning services was founded in 2014 and has since assisted more than 50,000 customers with their moves.

MOVU offers it’s customers a relaxed moving experience and brings transparency into the moving industry at the same time. Whether moving, move out cleaning or furniture transport – our customers profit from a “free all-in one service” and our free customer service. MOVU believes that its technology improves the experience for both, the client as well as the moving or cleaning company. Since 2017 MOVU is part of the Baloise Insurance group.

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The challenge for the MOVU team was to create a booking platform where providers could make quotes based on an online inventory or a video without having seen the apartment in question. The process needed to be trustworthy because deviations could cost a lot of money very quickly and at the same time the process needed to be smooth and fast to create proper offers. 

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The Solution was to build a sophisticated questionnaire for clients including intelligent systems to better estimate the actual inventory based on the clients input. At the same time there was a need to create a provider portal to manage all the bookings as well as a CRM/Backoffice for MOVU itself to manage the many inquiries and partners. The marketplace and booking engine were created within 8 months and thereafter steadily conversion optimised and improved by using data models to better classify and prioritise the different inquiries.

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Since Day 1 of our development we’ve been working with our Team at Holycode and have come a long way since then. Building the biggest relocation platform and booking engine in Switzerland as well as a SaaS based platform for our partner companies is no mean feat and we couldn’t be happier with our 8+ years of collaboration.
Simone Kühn

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